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Standard Issue Face Mask's are Featured in Hypebeast's Latest Article

Posted by Jimmy Gorecki on
Hypebeast Pic by Christina Hong

Facemasks shot Hypebeast Christina Hong

Photo by Christina Hong via Hypebeast

Hypebeast's latest article "Masks Are Fashion’s New Basic" features Standard Issues' face maks. The article goes into depth about how masks manufacturing shifted the industry and why it’s here to stay.

"For Jimmy Gorecki, founder of Standard Issue Tees, it was essential to make sure their supply met the demand — and to have a process in place if they couldn’t. The traffic to the website, and order quantity, far exceeded expectations, he said, but with that came a responsibility. Gorecki told HYPEBEAST that the company implemented a policy that if they wouldn’t take orders they couldn’t ship within two days. “We understood the anxiety and severity of it,” he said. “It just didn’t feel fair. This, in theory, could be a thing that you could make money off of, but that wasn’t it for us. People are buying these because people are fearful and they want to protect themselves.”"

- Clara Malley, Hypebeast

Shop Standard Issue Face Masks HERE.

Read the rest of the article HERE



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