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Preview our HUF Worldwide And JSP Collection

Posted by Jimmy Gorecki on
Huff Standard Issue Collab

Standard Issue HUFF collab


We value each and every opportunity we have to collaborate with brands ran by our friends and family. The love and passion behind each project is what drives us. There are times when they take on an even deeper level of honor, respect, and appreciation. As is the case with our collaborative collection with HUF Worldwide and JSP, which releases Thursday, April 29th at 9 am pst in our web shop, as well as the HUF web shop, and flagships worldwide.


SIT X Huff


We've all been inspired by the impact on a skateboard, and as a person, from the late, great Keith Hufnagel. Those same years of inspiration also came at the helm of HUF as a store, and brand. Special graphics, product, messaging, collaborative goods that have left a lasting impression on who we are today.


Huff Standard Issue Tees Collab


When the chance to sit down with HUF's Hanni El Khatib presented itself, we knew precisely where both brands intersected at.


Huff Standard Issue Tees


The first location of intersection landed in the tie dye realm resulting a beautiful teal and camo bulls eye spiral throughout our classic heavy duty French Terry hoody, and sweatpant. Bringing the pieces further together is a hybrid lock up of HUF's classic 10K logo print, reinpreted with JSP on both the chest, and leg. Each garment is priced at 110.00 USD.


HUF Tie Dye


The second place JSP meets with HUF is in the kitchen of one of our favorite Italian dining establishments in the world, which is located in the North Beach of Frisco, Tomasso's. Carmen gave us her blessings to repurpose their beautiful front in watercolor design that would leave you thinking HUF and JSP just launched their very own pizzaria. Available in both green, and white, the tee is priced at 40.00 USD.


JSP Huff Collab 

We had to go to the bay, connect with some of favorite people in the city, passed and present to show the history of the city, and HUF's cultural influence on us and the world.


JSP Huf Collab


To the entire family of Keith Hufnagel, and every single person that has contributed to HUF the brand over the years we thank you. 


Keith Hufnagel

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