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Introducing the NBA Ready-To-Wear Cardigan Collection

Posted by Jimmy Gorecki on
Introducing the NBA Ready-To-Wear Cardigan Collection

Introducing the NBA Ready-to-wear French Terry cardigan collection c/o Standard Issue Tees.  Made with extra 75th anniversary care at our Vernon, California production facility. 

Over the course of last 5 years we have been fortunate to see some of NBA’s greatest players ever adorn our garments in the tunnels and all over social media. We are honored to celebrate that support, aligned with the quality many have come to know with our garments, thru the lens of 8 historical NBA franchises: Bulls, Clippers, Knicks, Lakers, Nets, Seventy-Sixers, Suns and Warriors.

Each cardigan sports a striped ribbed cuff on the collar, wrist, and waistband. Front left pocket features an embroidered patch of the respective franchise next to our Standard Issue patch. Underneath the neck, on the back is an embroidered patch celebrating the 75th anniversary of the NBA. Just underneath the 75th anniversary is the slogan or team name that highlights each team. Each cardigan also adorns an official Standard Issue Tees and NBA woven label.
Every set is rounded out with a matching sweatpant which features co branded left pocket hit from each organization, and Standard Issue Tees, while the right pocket displays the 75th anniversary commemorative hit.

This extremely limited collection and the particular designs it is comprised of are exclusive to the 2022 NBA season will not be replicated for future seasons.

The retail price for the cardigan sweater will be 180 usd, and the retail price for the sweatpants will be 150 usd. The entire collection will be available Wednesday, April 13th at 10 am pst. 




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