Esquire Features Standard Issue's Latest Slacker Pant Drop

In their latest article, "Standard Issue Just Updated Its Perfectly Relaxed 'Slacker Pants' With Some Seriously Cool Fabrics", Esquire features our latest Slacker Pant drop.

"The company just released three new takes on its signature Slacker Pant, a wider-legged, cropped style that delivers all the comfort you'd expect from your favorite sweats with a look that's a little closer to a trouser, but still decidedly easygoing. There's a lightweight, ripstop camo; a (somewhat) subdued plaid in Japanese cotton; and a wool-blend tweed that looks like fall somehow managed to transform into a pair of pants. "

A huge thanks to Esquire for shouting us out on their latest post. If you want to cop a pair of our Slackers, check out the links below:

Slacker Pants:

Ripstop Camo Slackers:

Wool Slacker:

Japan Yoshiwa Plaid: